Gedurfde ontdekkingsbox Augustus 2023

Bold Discovery Box August 2023

These were the beers from the Bold Discovery Box of August 2023:

1. Super Sanglier of Brasserie Minne (4.5% ABV, 42 IBU)

Artisanal Belgian blond beer (14 EBC) of top fermentation, dryhopped, with secondary fermentation in the bottle, unpasteurized, unfiltered. Nice and fresh in scent, with notes of citrus and a green hopped perfume. Not full-on. Ditto as far as flavor goes: green hopped in flavor, with a tasty lemon/lime-zest bitterness (42 IBU) lingering long to the dry aftertaste, which is somewhat funky and pleasantly refreshing in nature. A summer drinker!

2. Hein Dark Of Weldebrouck Brewery (5.2 ABV)

Extremely slightly malted with scent, with a soft fruity, slightly sweet and yet
Obviously spiced perfume. A lot of CO2 present. Mated of taste, with
A small caramel touch and soft spicy character, subtly fruity (peach,
Apricot) and finely bitter, assisted in the distance by an extremely small (rhubarb-)”
Sourness ”. The taste does not linger very long and is the aftertaste except
Very little sticky, so also very neutral.

3. Carré C From brewery 4KNT (5,5 ABV)

A fresh, powerful taste of citrus with a bitter finish. You will not find much more on the internet in terms of official description. However, the description of Carre C does not do the beer justice: in 2019 this beer won gold at the Modeste Bier Festival in Antwerp.

4. Ad Vitam Stout From Brasserie De Flandre (6.5 ABV)

This stout is a Belgian deep-dark stout beer with a slightly creamy head, intense in flavor. The use of dark malts creates a roasted and roasted flavor.
A sweet spicy touch was added to slightly temper it. The beer is hopped with classic hops.

Ad Vitam Stout

5. Lesage Kriek Of Lesage Brewery (6.5 ABV)

This fruity frieze beer is said to be unique in its genre because 5x more chrieks are used per 100l. Despite this, the beer does not taste too sweet or too sour, but has a balanced finish.

6. Blonde Bie Of De Bie Brewery (8% ABV, 30 IBU)

Blonde Bie is a pearl for the eye and in the glass. This bright blonde appearance has a strong and spicy character. She smells deliciously sweet at banana, coriander and malt. With her sweet-fruity taste and slightly bitter aftertaste, she knows how to hide the alcohol well. A blonde you should definitely have tasted.

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