Gedurfde ontdekkingsbox juli 2023

Bold Discovery Box July 2023

These were the 6 different beers from the Bold Discovery Box of July 2023:

1. Red Punch (3.5% ABV, N/A IBU)

This Red Punch is a special fruit beer! In addition to using 300 ml per L of pure juice from the sour cherry, the beer was also enriched with juice from the blueberry. A noble unknown, because this berry is called superfruit thanks to its high content of vitamins and antioxidants! With her dark red color and light pink foam, this is the perfect beer to enjoy during the cozy summer evenings. It is a beer with a slightly sweet start, a crisp tart finish and the powerful aromas of red fruit.

Vicarus Red Punch

2. White Kveiking (6% ABV, 40 IBU)

White Kveiking is a wheat beer in the base, but also contains barley and oats. That ensures the obvious turbidity. The Kveikgist gives something funky to the beer. Motueka hop and Chinook were chosen as aroma hops and give the distinct fruity citrus notes in the beer.

White Kveiking

3. Baptist Saison (6.5% ABV, 27 IBU)

BAPTIST was brewed as a tribute to Jan Baptist de Bruyne, founder of the brewery in 1784 and also on the occasion of the opening of Bar Baptist in the Van Steenberge brewery. The Baptist Saison Makes for a refreshing drinking moment with its distinct, pleasant bitterness and light sour touch.

Baptist Saison

4. Swan Tripel

Zwoantje Tripel

5. Abbaye des rocs Triple Imperiale (10% ABV, 30 IBU)

This Triple Impériale is a beer with a soft brown color, with fine carbonization. The beer has a complex aroma of malt, candy sugar and dried fruits. When you taste it, you'll taste flavors of dark fruits and a soft finish that lingers in the mouth. Despite the 10% ABV, this is a very drinkable beer thanks to the fine balance.

Triple Imperiale

6. Nonnebil (10.5% ABV, N/A IBU)

The full name of this beer is actually Mareklop Nonnebil Marshmellow Stout, and actually could have assisted Barrel Aged there too. So marshmallows are indeed added to this stout and are aged for 12 months in old oak gin barrels from Filliers. The beer has an intense black color and a toasted flavor (coffee) that is somewhat countered by the sweet and vanilla flavor of the marshmellows.


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