Gedurfde Ontdekkingsbox Maart 2023

Daring Discovery Box March 2023

These were the beers from March's Daring Discovery Box: 

Ferre Wit (Witbier, 5.5% ABV, 15 IBU)

A fresh wheat beer with the clear smell of citrus, coming from the presence of citrus hops (in addition to coriander).
This beer is also the thirst quencher as a reward for hard efforts.
The name Ferre refers to Ferdinand Verbiest, born in Pittem in 1623 and a Jesuit who was sent to China as a missionary in 1666. In pittem there is a statue in honor of Father Verbiest.

4KNT Triple (Triple, 8% ABV)

This tripel from the 4KNT brewery is described by the brewers themselves as “a golden blond beer, refermented in the bottle. An interplay of spicy and fruity flavors, supported by a soft maltiness.

Martha Sexy Blonde (Sterk blond, 8% ABV, 30 IBU)

A straw yellow beer with hints of white, dried fruit and cloves. Sweet start that is embraced by the alcohol present. A beer with a full taste, a refined aroma that turns into a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Martha Sexy Blonde flesje

Ad Vitam Triple (Triple, 8.5% ABV, 31 EMA)

Ad Vitam Triple is a top-fermented red-brown Belgian beer. It is a full-bodied, characterful beer with biscuit aromas and accents of lightly roasted and caramelized malt. The beer is subtly hopped and has a pleasant, balanced bitterness and aftertaste.

Ad Vitam flesje (bier)

Black Hole (Imperial Stout, 10,5 ABV, 40 IBU)

This Imperial Stout is made with a complex malt composition, wafers, strawberries, maple syrup & cinnamon molasses, the best stuff you can find. The beer is dark at first, with flavors of caramel and chocolate, then there is a fruity sour, followed by a sweetness of strawberry jam.
Like a black hole, this beer takes you to a new dimension.

Naughty Russian (Imperial Stout, 11,5% ABV, 65 IBU)

This beer, with a strong alcohol percentage (11.5%), is full of malts and hops, but its most special feature is that it is aged on red chili peppers, which gives it a special aftertaste. The typical stout notes of coffee and chocolate are also present.
Tough stuff, but unforgettable!

Bier Naughty Russian flesje

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