Gedurfde Ontdekkingsbox November 2023

Bold Discovery Box November 2023

These were the beers from the Bold Discovery Box for the month of November:

1. Coast Blond of Wenbrew (Blond, 7% ABV)

With this blond beer, the brewers have managed to get a lot of 'fraîcheur' into the beer. Tasty fruity notes of citrus and grapefruit and a nice balance between bitter and sweet typify the exquisite taste. The finish is soft. A beautiful and full head complete the beer.

A delicious, flavorful aperitif beer!

2. Piro Tripel of All Drinks Bevernagie (Tripel, 8% ABV)

Piro triple is a blond unfiltered top-fermented beer, with secondary fermentation in the bottle. The beer is gently neutral with a light alcohol touch at the back of the tongue. By using very high-quality hop varieties, we ensure that a bitterness is formed that is nicely balanced. The herbs used in turn provide the pleasant freshness.

3. Dark Devils Beer from Brewery Boon (Dark Specialbier, 8% ABV)

Donker Devils Beer is a dark top-fermented beer that has been brewed in Halle since 1883.
It is slightly fruity and gently sweet, with clear notes of chocolate, coffee and caramel.
4. Chapel Brewers' Hoppa Sun (Tripel, 8.5% ABV, 45 IBU)
Hoppa sun is a top-fermented golden blond triple with secondary fermentation in the bottle and an alcohol volume of 8.5%.
Brewed with pilsner malt, wheat malt and lightly roasted malt which gives this beer a complex full malt flavor.
The selection of 5 hops gives it a resounding soft-sweet hoppy body. The finish is fruity, spicy and slightly bittersweet.
5. Amber Tripel van den Tutelèr (Tripel, 8.5% ABV)
This amber-brown beer is the beautiful marriage of clear caramel keys and the refined taste of elderflower. A sturdy triple with an extremely airy light sweet character. According to experts, there is even an elegant wood expression to discover.
6. Dark Nun by Galea Craft Beers (Imperial Stout; 12.5% ABV, 55 IBU)
Galea Dark Nun is a bitter stout Belgian beer with an alcohol content of no less than 12.5%. The bitter taste alternates with sweet notes of coconut and chocolate through the addition of coconut and cocoa nibs during the brewing process.

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