Gedurfde Ontdekkingsbox Oktober 2023

Bold Discovery Box October 2023

These were the beers from the Bold Discovery Box for the month of October:

1. Caravan Sultan of Brewery't Verzet (Hydro IPA, 1.5% ABV, 35 IBU)

A grapefruit-fruited taste, with a fine bitterness and a slightly drier finish. Drinkable and refreshing.

A hydro IPA is another name for a moisturizing Session IPA. Session IPAs are the IPAs that, like the regular IPAs, are packed with hops, but are light and refreshing thanks to a lower alcohol content.

2. Turbeau Noir of the Strubbe Brewery (Brown Ale, 8% ABV)

Turbo Noir contains a sweet and sour juiciness that is due to forest fruits that were added to the beer. Top fermented, with a second re-fermentation in the bottle, provide a unique character.

3. The Grail Ginger (Blond, 8% ABV)

The Graal Ginger is a blond beer with bottle naginsting and has been around since 2001. The beer is slightly seasoned, slightly sweet and slightly spicy. As the name implies, it contains ginger (carrot), but it is only subtly present and certainly not predominant.

It won first prize at the 2002 Zwevegem International Beer Festival in the character beer category.

4. Miss T Lucie (Strong Blond, 8% ABV, 32 IBU)

A brut 'strong blond' beer-brewed to a dry powerful finish. The flavor pallet ramps from playfully fruity (grapefruit, green tea) to powerfully dry and immediately makes you crave the next sip. The aromas contain fruity keys of the tea that blend perfectly with the yeast flavors

5. Ne fliereflute (Tripel, 8.5% ABV)

A blond triple beer with only pilsner malt. The floral touch comes from the bitterhops and two European aroma-hop varieties. You enjoy a generous, malty aftertaste and with some hoppy bitterness

6. Civil servant at halftime (Doubles, 8.8% ABV)

The civil servant is a Belgsiche double with keys of caramel, hints of dark fruit such as dates and plums and a spicy and noble finish.

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