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According to the website of the Belgian Brewers (Belgian Brewers) and the accompanying annual report, there were 408 active brewers in 2021, good for more than 1500 beers. The website of the Flemish Brewers has 'only' listed 339 breweries and beer companies in a searchable list (Overview of all breweries in Belgium on

For the sake of simplicity, let's assume that the truth lies somewhere in the middle and that there are currently roughly 350 breweries and beer companies in Belgium. Most breweries and beer companies naturally have several beers in their range and usually 3 beers (being a blond, a brown and either a triple, an amber beer, a fruit beer, ...) the minimum. So let's start with an average of three beers per brewery and per beer company.

That brings the total number of beers to 1050 (350 times 3). If we assume that there are 200 'known' beers (which is a large overestimate in our opinion) genre Jupiler and Stella Artois, Duvel and Westmalle Triple, a Delerium Tremens, La Chouffe, Kwak, Karmeliet, Hapkin, etc., then there are still 850 beers left.

Each PostMyBeer discovery box currently contains 6 different beers, which means that we could just barely fill 142 discovery boxes (850 divided by 6) with different beers each time before we're all the way around and having to offer a beer again in a discovery box.

With PostMyBeer we put together a new box every month, or 12 discovery boxes in a year. With the 850 beers and the 141 discovery boxes we can fill with them, this means that with PostMyBeer we can deliver discovery boxes for 11.75 years (141 divided by 12) before we would have to reuse a certain beer in a discovery box.

If we repeat the same calculation with the 1500 beers that are available according to the Belgian Brewers, we can even continue 18 years... And then we haven't even looked across the border yet... Because there are also in the Netherlands there are now huge quantities of good beers to be found, just like in the United Kingdom, America, Germany, Croatia, Serbia and the Czech Republic and so on.

Putting together a discovery box every month for at least 10 years and having it delivered, each time containing 6 different beers and thus putting the full range of the more than 1000 'smaller' beers in the spotlight and letting them be discovered, that's what we're signing up for. We are therefore eager to ship a new shipment of selected beers to our customers every month.

Are you joining?

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